BNP Paribas Online - BNP Online Banking

BNP Paribas online is all you need for managing your funds online wherever you are. It is available with La NET agence - online agency of BNP Paribas.

It doesn’t matter if you are in France or abroad, just few simple steps set you apart from creating BNP Paribas online banking login that will become your access to managing money via Internet. Here are some (but not all) features made available to you by BNP Paribas online.

  • Gain your time. No more looking for nearest branch with suitable working hours, no more standing in a queue. Manage your money with BNP Paribas online banking at a time that suits you.
  • Personal advisor can be contacted on his direct line (by phone, email and webcam) if you have any problems or just want to ask questions.
  • Custom options make Paribas online banking the most convenient way if you have special requirements in money management.  
  • An access to range of products and services such as credit, insurance, savings and other is available after becoming a customer.

BNP Online BankingTo start managing banking needs with BNP online banking you need to open an account. Go to page, fill in required fields and click “Continue”.

Online account opens in 48 hours. After an account is opened you can use a variety of services. Take out a loan, pay bills, transfer funds and more.

Screenshot of BNP Paribas website

Also you can get a mobile app to benefit from many features for managing money in your hands. This app will become your personal mobile banking guide (available for iOS and Android).

24/7 access to your money is easy with BNP Paribas online from your computer, tablet or mobile.