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M&T Online Banking is a dedicated feature of M&T Bank online service that gives you an opportunity to make different operations with your credit or debit/ATM card from your home (or any other place upon the world) via Internet. The redesigning of M&T web banking feature in November 2014 has made it even more convenient and secure for users.

To log on M&T online banking you need to visit official website of M&T bank and look at the left side of webpage. There you will find the bar "Online services". You need to choose "Online banking for business and personnel" from the list and click log in.

At the next page you will be offered to enter your User ID and passcode. In case if you don't have m and t online banking account you need to click "Enroll Now" and you will be redirected to web page where m&t online banking registration procedure will start. The next step of M&T bank online banking registration will be choosing the type of M&T Online Banking account you want to create. There are three types of M&T banking accounts:

  • Personal account
  • Business Account
  • Personal and Business account

The last type of accounts means that you can use one User ID for M&T Business banking and for M&T Personal banking. In this case you must be the owner of these two accounts. If you are choosing a personal account, then you need to select the type of card you are using to access the savings stored on your account:

  • A credit card of M&T
  • A debit or ATM card, also emitted by M&T
  • No card (If you don't have any of these cards you can enroll by phone)

M&T Bank online stages of registrationScreenshot of  M&T Bank website www.mtb.com

If you have chosen "Debit card" you need to enter your card number and 4-digit PIN. The next few stages of M&T online banking registration process the confirmation of your account and allowing you customizing some different features.

Screenshot of  M&T Bank website www.mtb.com

Caveat: Perform these operations with a good degree of caution, to minimize the risk of theft or hacking. Particularly, do not operate with your debit card login and PIN from public or other easily accessed computers!

M&T Web banking gives you an opportunity to operate freely from any place, regardless of nearest M&T bank locations. Now It does not matter where you are – at your home, at an office or at your friend’s house. You can make payments or receive online statement using a desktop/laptop, a cell phone or a tablet. In addition, you do not need to spend your leisure time for standing in bank offices for conducting the simple banking operations.

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