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Outlook.com isn't unique URL you can reach outlook mail. You also can use live.com, mail.live.com and hotmail.com. When you sign in outlook you also sign in OneDrive, MSN and you can use product that you can see at the picture below. Just click the icon to the left from title Outlook.com.

outlook app launcher

Screenshot of Outlook website www.outlook.com

Outlook email account
Outlook app launcher is a new upgraded tool to switch from one Microsoft service to another. If you want to use Skype and then correct some documents in office online outlook app launcher is appropriate for you.
Outlook email is integrated with Office Online. It means that your outlook login allows you to create or correct documents even if you don't have Microsoft office on your computer. As you can see Outlook sign in procedure gives you more that just email account.

How to syncronize outlook to social networks
Your outlook mail can also be synchronized with Twitter and Facebook. You can import all your contacts from the Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo or LinkedIn. So you can see that outlook login is universal for all of the contacts.

syncronize outlook to social networks

Screenshot of Outlook website www.outlook.com

Also integration with Skype helps you to make video calls to your friends from outlook account without downloading Skype on your computer. You can chat with your friends, send them video messages or call the mobile all over the world, using your Outlook login.

outlook and skype

Screenshot of Outlook website www.outlook.com

Hotmail and Outlook
After deconstructing the Hotmail Outlook.com have become multifunctional. If you were registered in Hotmail you can use now Hotmail login name for outlook mail. For example if you had alice1989@hotmail.com login name you now can use alice1989@outlook.com.

Outlook hotmail connector
You can use program called Outlook hotmail connector to manage with Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail. If MS Office Outlook 2010, 2007 or 2003 is installed on your computer outlook hotmail connector is appropriate for you to access MS Windows Live Hotmail.

Outlook web app
If you want to use Outlook for your business you may use Outlook Web App. Using this web browser version of outlook you can access to Office 365. This app is constructed for needs of small business. It means that outlook sign in procedure also can give you profit growth.

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